Hire a Private Chef for Your Next Dinner Party

Hosting at HOME but don’t want to do the cooking? Whether it’s to save time, your cooking skills aren’t quite up to scratch or you just don’t fancy it. Take an item off your to do list and hire a private chef from HOMETAINMENT instead.

Here is everything you need to know about our food and drink experiences at HOMETAINMENT:

Who are HOMETAINMENT’s private chefs?

Our HOMEtainer private chefs are all professionals who have been working in top restaurants in London and around the world as well as taking private bookings. All our HOMEtainers are vetted so you can ensure that the food you serve your guests is of the highest quality.

Can I book a private chef for a dinner party at HOME in London?
Yes! All our private chefs can be booked to cater for any event that takes place at your HOME – from dinner parties and date nights to birthday parties and gatherings in your garden. As long as there is a kitchen where the chefs can prep and cook your dishes then you can book our chefs!

What about hiring a private chef for an office party or team building?
Of course! In our office party category you will find a whole host of private chefs that you can book for your team building or work social. And the best part is that if you had a kitchen then they can cook for you in your office.  So you can say goodbye to limp buffets, trying to find a venue with a private dining room which isn’t booked up at Christmas or a restaurant that caters for everyone.

Can I hire a private chef for fine dining?
Yes you can hire a private chef for all sorts of events, from fine dining and tasting menus through to BBQs and grazing tables. Whatever the occasion might be, you can find a private chef who will be able to meet all your requirements.

What sort of cuisines do your private chefs offer?
Our private chefs cook a wide range of cuisines. You’ll find British and seasonal dining alongside international cuisines including Spanish, Pan Asian, Italian and Persian.

Our HOMEtainer private chefs can also cater for all sorts of dietary requirement. We have specific experiences especially for those looking for ‘free-from dining’. We also have several vegan and plant-based experiences too.

Do your private chefs offer masterclasses?
Yes. If you’re looking for a cookery class near you in London, why not bring the cookery class right to your kitchen instead? You can find several masterclass experiences here. Then next time you are cooking for your guests you can whip up something to impress!

Do the private chefs bring all the ingredients?

Yes, the chefs will bring everything they need to create your meal. They will also leave your kitchen exactly as they found it. If you do need to provide any equipment you will find it under the experience descriptions. 

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