Office Party Ideas Your Team Will Love

It’s hard to go back into the office after summer, especially when we’ve all become used to working from home. If you are planning a team social or office party to welcome your team back and you want something which isn’t just dress-down Fridays (it’s not really a treat after almost two years of it daily…) then it’s time to check out HOMETAINMENT’s office experiences for the best office party ideas.

Choose from over 75 unique experiences for your office party

All our experiences are hosted by our talented, professional HOMEtainers and are designed to take place in your office, so you don’t need to worry about reservations or organising transport. All you have to do is choose an office party idea, book and the HOMEtainer will arrive and set up ahead of time, so you can close your laptop and get straight into party mode!

Here are just some of things you could be doing instead of just your usual beers from the fridge at the end of the week…

Ready to plan an epic team building social? Check out all of our office experiences for even more office party ideas. In charge of planning the office Christmas party? This year make it stress free (and actually fun!) by choosing an experience from HOMETAINMENT.