Top Garden Party Ideas For a Great Summer Party

Garden party season is here! So we’ve put together our guide to throwing an incredible summer garden party – however big or small your London garden might be! Here are our top garden party ideas: 

Sustainable Decorations

Forget cheap decorations which often end up being single-use, instead decorate your garden with beautiful sustainable decorations. Scour your kitchen for glass jars and ornate coloured glasses which can be used as tealight holders. Hang paper decorations or reusable bunting from parasols, pergolas or from the branches of trees. If you’re stringing up fairy lights, then opt for solar panel string lighting as a sustainable option.

Fill vases with bouquets of flowers, hang paper decorations and forage in your garden and HOME for pieces you can use to create a sustainable tablescape. Need some help? HOMETAINER Kuofi can teach you how to create a beautiful tablescape with her Sustainable Table Setting Experience.

Have Plenty of Places to Sit

This might be an obvious one, but you’re going to want to have plenty of places to sit – you don’t want everyone balancing a glass in one hand and a plate in another. Have a mix of chairs, benches and soft furnishings. Layer up outdoor blankets made from different fabrics with piles of floor cushions or beanbags for people to retreat to as the evening goes on. 

Get the Games Ready

Quoits, kubb, cornhole – it’s always a good idea to have some games set out for children (and adults!) to play. If you’ve got lots of children attending, why not book one of the Dazzle & Fizz experiences to keep the children entertained – we think a performance from the bubble artist would be brilliant! 

Summer Cocktails

Here’s an idea to make your garden party unique, floral ice cubes made with edible flowers. They’re easy to make and they look so beautiful in summer cocktails. And when it comes to which cocktails to drink, we’re loving the sound of the St-Germain Margarita, which combines the summery flavour of elderflower with one of our favourite summer drinks, the margarita. Just make sure you have lots of ice – no one wants a warm cocktail!
Maybe though, you want your own cocktail created after you and your guests and if that’s the case then why not book a bartender for your garden party? Our HOMEtainer bartenders will make sure everyone is sipping on their favourite tipple.

The Menu

When it comes to catering, garden parties offer so many options. Get the tongs out for a classic barbecue or host an afternoon tea around a beautifully decorated table.

A grazing table makes a brilliant centre point for everyone to gather around too. Or you could start the party with luxury canapés before one of the HOMEtainer private chefs prepares an al fresco dinner party for you and your guests.

The Soundtrack

What vibe are you going for? Is it more of a laid back affair, centering around great food and conversation or do you want everyone up and dancing? Maybe both? From a saxophonist and violinist duo to an opera serenade our talented HOMEtainer musicians will provide the perfect soundtrack.  

All that’s left to do…decide the date for your next garden party!

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