27 Ways to Entertain Children at HOME

We know that keeping children entertained at HOME can sometimes be a challenge. With the school holidays coming up we’ve put together 27 ways to entertain children at HOME this summer, so you don’t have to hear those dreaded words ‘I’m bored.’

It’s perfect for children’s birthday parties, rainy afternoons or when you’ve just run out of ideas!

Call in the Children Entertainment Experts: Dazzle & Fizz

When it comes to HOMETAINMENT’s children’s experiences, we have teamed up with the hugely talented children’s party entertainers Dazzle & Fizz to offer 11 incredible experiences: 

Get Creative

For the Inquisitive:

Host a Sleepover:

Parties for Younger Children:

  • For the younger children (aged 3-7) Dazzle and Fizz’s Signature Entertainment is the perfect mix of drama, dancing, storytelling, games, magic and all round silliness! From knights and fairies to farms and jungles there are lots of themes to choose from.

Explore Your Garden 

Today your garden isn’t your garden it’s:

  • The setting for a daring obstacle course 
  • Filled with treasure to find in a scavenger hunt 
  • A campsite complete with marshmallows to roast over the BBQ 
  • The HOME of the Summer 2022 garden Olympics – water balloon fights are an Olympic sport aren’t they?

At HOME Cinema

Sometimes you just need to put on a film:

  • Set up a projector to screen your film cinema style – if it’s warm enough, screen them outside against your back wall.
  • Make a popcorn station where they can add their favourite toppings to fresh popcorn.
  • Like immersive cinema? Recreate this at HOME, dress your sitting room up to match the film or encourage everyone to dress up. 
  • Create your own cinema tickets and send them out to friends

Forage at HOME

What have you got lying around?

  •  Those odd socks that never find a partner? Turn them into old fashioned sock puppets.
  • From using them to build forts to pretending their cars, cardboard boxes always seem to be more fun than what was originally in them. 
  • Got any wool, string or paper streamers lying around? Use them to create a spider web or maze in your hallway for your children to crawl and climb through. 
  • For younger ones, create a sensory bin with dry rice, pasta, sand or cereal and fill it with toys that they have to dig to find.

At HOME Crafts

  • Let children draw on the walls….just cover it with a big roll of paper first!
  • Learn how to make 3 ingredients DIY foam paint
  • Using glue and glitter create a calming jar – it’s a fun activity and when they’re finished they’re great for promoting mindfulness. 
  • Have a go at ice tie dye and create a great new t-shirt! 

There you go 27 ways to entertain children at HOME this summer and banish summer holiday boredom!

And if you are  entertaining at HOME this summer, discover all our experiences here, from private chefs to live bands.