Easter Egg Hunt Ideas: 6 Tips For Easter

Along with eating hot cross buns and chocolate eggs being an acceptable breakfast, Easter egg hunts are up there with our favourite Easter activities. If it’s your turn to plan the Easter egg hunt this year, here are six Easter egg hunt ideas to make sure it’s egg-cellent.

Golden Eggs
Ready to get more competitive? Add a lucky golden egg into the mix, whoever finds it gets an extra prize!

Get into Teams
This is particularly good Easter egg hunt idea if you’ve got a range of ages taking part and you want the little ones to have a chance at getting some eggs!  Split everyone into teams and each team pools their eggs into a team Easter basket. Then at the end of the Easter egg hunt you can divide the eggs between all the team members.

Relay Racing
Continuing with the teams, another fun way to put a spin on Easter egg hunts is to turn it into a relay race. You can’t go to hunt for an egg until your team member is back. The faster you go, the more eggs your team has the chance to find!

Designated Colours
Another way to make it easier for younger ones and more difficult for older ones is to assign a colour to each group. Little ones could find all the blue eggs, which you could hide in more obvious places. And older ones could find all the red eggs which you could hide higher up or in trickier spots.

Switch Up Your Prizes
Here’s an idea, who says you just have to search for chocolate Easter eggs in your Easter egg hunt? Buy reusable eggs which you can fill with other non-edible prizes. For instance how about homemade tokens/vouchers? These can be exchanged for things like choosing the film next time you have a movie night at home. 

Treasure Hunt
Put a spin on the traditional Easter egg hunt by making it into a treasure hunt with clues to solve first. Time to get writing riddles to crack! 

Once all the eggs have been found, retreat inside for a bespoke lunch prepared and cooked by one of our talented HOMEtainer private chefs. How about Michelin-trained chef, Edward’s Premium 3 Course Spring Menu?

Oh and our final Easter egg hunt idea, make sure you count the eggs before you hide them! You don’t want everyone to be searching for the last egg in vain!