Two wellness rituals that are having a massive comeback

During the last year the internet has been packed with self-care advice and wellness ideas to help us manage the uncertainty in the world and, subsequently in our day-to-day lives. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for us all that’s for sure. That said, bath time and journaling just doesn’t quite cut it for everyone, does it? If you’re looking for something a bit different to manage the ongoing stressors in the world then these wellness rituals could be for you.

We’ve got two HOMETAINERs who are passionate about their unique areas of expertise and wellness rituals. To give you a taster of what they have to offer I’ve met with both experts to find out more.

Tarot Reading – using visuals to reflect back on yourself

Many people still associate Tarot readings with mysterious fortune tellers in dark, back -rooms or in colourful tents at a fair – the typical on-screen portrayals. Today however, Tarot reading is so much more than that.  

Whilst it does stem from divination historically and is still used in this way today, a deck of 78 Tarot cards is gaining traction and popularity as a self-development tool – “it’s an amazing tool to be able to talk about how you’re feeling, reflect your thoughts and make sense of what’s going on” explains HOMETAINER and Tarot reader Sophie. 

Each card is a beautifully designed image with characters, colours and emotion, “when we see these cards, we project our own story on to them”. Sophie tells me that during a Tarot reading you can ask a question or seek to get clarity on an area of your life, the cards themselves do not hold your fortune per say, rather they empower you to find the answers within yourself.  

Credit: HOMETAINER Sophie

“I think there’s something really empowering about telling our own story, the commitment to sitting down and exploring what’s going on in our life, and having some imagination” comments Sophie.  

If you’re going through change, are feeling overwhelmed or stuck, then Tarot readings might just be a great way to get to the bottom of what’s really going on in your mind.  

Use the cards to explore your own story, mirrored back at you in the images, characters and colours depicted. A truly intriguing way to manage your mind, thoughts and self, that has a long and intriguing history. Watch the video. Book a Tarot Reading.

Crystal Healing – acquiring energy from a beautiful source 

From Ancient Egypt and references in the bible through to New Age wellness and culture in the 80s, it’s fair to say, stones, rocks, gems and crystals have been a part of mankind’s life for thousands of years. Today, in particular, crystal healing properties are becoming more widely recognised, with many celebrities benefitting from them and popularising their use.  

What’s interesting about crystal healing is that it links so closely to science, and it’s this concept that drew HOMETAINER Jodie into the world of crystals as she started to explore their benefits a few years ago. 

“We’re all made up of energy which is changeable. For example, some friends have a high, motivating energy and some are more chilled – they can then impact your energy” explains HOMETAINER & Crystals expert Jodie, “it’s like that with crystals too, each one has a different energy or frequency”.  The difference is, every crystal has a fixed molecular, energy structure that doesn’t change.

Credit: HOMETAINER Jodie

When we come into contact with a fixed energy source, our energy resonates with it and this is how crystals can be used to guide your own energy intentions, “if you want to be motivated, Citrine is a good stone for that, or if you want to be really calm and reduce anxiety, Amethyst is great”.  

Whilst there’s a lot to be learned about which crystal can help you in which situation, what’s great to see is that something as simple as holding or carrying around a crystal can bring calmness, motivation or love (and so much more) into your life.  Watch the full video. Book a Crystal Healing workshop.  

21st Century Wellness Rituals

Working with a variety of HOMETAINERs is an exciting way to learn about new things, and that’s what the ‘play’ section of our site is all about. Whether you’re looking for a way to manage your busy mind or you just fancy learning something new for fun, our curated selection of masterclasses and workshops will you leave you skilled up and enthused to learn more.